Xamarin Round-Up: Top Interesting Xamarin News from January to December 2017

If you are new to Xamarin or Xamarin Forms, you might want to check out what happened in the Xamarin World for the past 12 months.

Here is a quick summary of the top interesting Xamarin topics from January 2017 up to December 2017.

Note: For sure I’m going to miss some few interesting topics as well here. Topics that I haven’t read yet. So if you have something to share or say, please write it down in the comment below.

  1. Building Your First macOS App
  2. Realtime Databases with the Realm Mobile Platform
  3. Bring Stunning Animations to Your Apps with Lottie
  4. Building Android Apps with Entity Framework
  5. Cross-Platform Drawing with SkiaSharp
  6. Integrating In-App Purchases in Mobile Apps
  7. Getting Started with MVVM
  8. Even Easier iOS App Provisioning in Visual Studio for Mac
  9. Write Apps Faster with Ultimate UI Controls from Infragistics
  10. The Next Generation of Xamarin Test Cloud
  11. .NET Standard Comes to Xamarin.Forms Project Templates
  12. Making iOS 11 Even Easier with Xamarin.Forms
  13. Augmented Reality in Xamarin.Android with ARCore
  14. Microcharts: Elegant Cross-Platform Charts for Every App
  15. Android Support Library v26 Overview
  16. Protecting Your Xamarin Apps with Dotfuscator
  17. Augment Reality with Xamarin and iOS 11
  18. Xamarin.Android 8.0 Gets Even Sweeter with Oreo
  19. Introducing the Xamarin Certified Mobile Professional Badge
  20. Exploring Android’s Bottom Navigation View
  21. Introducing MFractor for Visual Studio for Mac
  22. Going Global with Xamarin and Azure Cosmos DB
  23. Interactive 3D with UrhoSharp and Workbooks
  24. Easy iOS App Provisioning with fastlane and Visual Studio for Mac
  25. Adding Face Tracking and Live Recognition to your Android App
  26. Visual Studio 2017 for the Mobile Developer
  27. Xamarin Documentation Goes Multilingual
  28. Simplified Android Keystore Signature Discovery

Wrapping up, the list of Xamarin news above is the most interesting news based on my opinion. There are a lot of factors why I’ve considered them something to read.

Anyway, I also want to know what’s yours. Please leave them in the comment below. See you in my next post.

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