Xamarin.Forms 101: Useful Plugins in Xamarin Forms

Are you new to Xamarin Forms?

Are you wondering what are the common Nuget packages that you can use in your projects?

In this post, you will see the most common Nuget packages that are used in enterprise Xamarin Forms apps as wells as in learning Xamarin Forms.


Xamarin and Windows plugin to vibrate your devices.


Get network connectivity information such as network type, speeds, and if the connection is available. Additional functionality includes the ability to ping a specific host and port number.


Json.NET is a popular high-performance JSON framework for .NET widely used for serialization and deserialization of Json objects.


This package includes HttpClient for sending requests over HTTP, as well as HttpRequestMessage and HttpResponseMessage for processing HTTP messages.


SQLite-net is an open source and light weight library providing easy SQLite database storage for .NET, Mono, and Xamarin applications. This version uses SQLitePCLRaw to provide platform independent versions of SQLite.


Custom control for your Xamarin.Forms project that turns your images into elegant circle images.
It has customizable border thickness and color.


Blurr your images, color space transformation, grayscaling, retry image download, render SVG, and many more.


Allows for messagebox style dialogs to be called from your PCL. Styles like actions sheet, alert, confirm, date, loading, progress, prompt, toast, and time.


Striking animations by using your lottie json files on your Xamarin projects.

Microsoft.AppCenter.Analytics (AppCenter is formerly known as Mobile Center)

This package contains functionalities to collect session, device properties, events etc… for your application.

Microsoft.AppCenter.Crashes (AppCenter is formerly known as Mobile Center)

This package contains functionalities to collect crash reports for your application.


So these are the common Nuget packages that are being used in Xamarin Forms. They are stable and always being updated by their authors.

Hope you come back soon for my next blog post.

One last thing, open your Visual Studio 2017 and start practicing your first Xamarin Forms project. Happy coding.


  • Dan Siegel

    Note that the Microsoft.Azure.Mobile.* packages were replaced with Microsoft.AppCenter.* when Mobile Center became generally available and was renamed AppCenter

    • Devlin

      Thanks for the inputs, Dan! I’ll edit my post later and put Preview on Mobile Center while Release version on AppCenter.