How to use Bitrise in Xamarin Forms – Step by Step Setting

Are you familiar with the term DevOps?

Do you always hear the CICD thrown everywhere?

In this post, we will try to use a quick and free CICD tool known as Bitrise.

DevOps is about automating anything that you can automate in your build and deployment pipeline, but we will not tackle the whole DevOps here, I will discuss it in another article. I just want you to remember that  Agile + CICD = DevOps. Remember this very simple explanation of DevOps for now.


  • A short Xamarin project demo that you have in your VS2017
  • Installed Git
  • A GitHub account
  • A Bitrise account

No signing up on VSTS and Mobile Center? Yes, because that’s a common demo of CICD that you can find in other Xamarin blogs or events. Cool? Here we go.

Here is the process

Create an account in GitHub, a web-based Git or version control repository, then verify it in your email.


Click the Add to source control button on the lower-right of your screen.


Now create an account in Bitrise for your continuous integration and continuous deployment.


Sign up with GitHub to easily connect your online repository to your CICD which is your Bitrise.


Click on No auto-add SSH.


Click next to choose master branch which is the default branch of Git version control.


Select Debug for now because your projects are under debug mode.


Any CPU will automatically use the most compatible CPU for your projects.


Bitrise does all the basic build definitions for you to easily get started.


Register webhook so that GitHub will tell Bitrise to build on every push.


The initial build has just started in the background.


If your build failed, read the log details and then fix the issue in your project.


If there are no compilation errors in your build, your build should succeed.


Check your email and read the message from Bitrise.

Check your email using your phone. Then install your demo app on your phone.


Easy right? There you have it. You now have a project that is running on a continuous integration and continuous delivery. You can also include the email addresses of the QAs or beta testers in the Bitrise settings. But, there is something missing here. Guess what?

Your Unit Tests and UI Tests.. In my opinion, CICD is useless if you are not doing any Unit tests and UI tests in your project.

CICD is powerful if you have tests in your pipeline because validations on every push by a computer are far better than validations by a human.