Rider, a .NET IDE on Mac

Do you want to try out Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio for Mac?

Want to know if there’s a tool like ReSharper on XS or VS?

If you are wondering when will Jetbrains integrate ReSharper in VS for Mac, the answer is they are not planning to do that. But, they have Rider, an alternative dot net IDE for Mac and Windows. Still in the preview stage, but you can already use this IDE even if it’s in an EAP.

Here’s the link to their Early Build Stage and it’s free. https://www.jetbrains.com/rider/

If you want to try Xamarin Forms on Rider, you will still need a Xamarin Studio to open the emulator for iOS. For sure, Jetbrains will wire their iOS emulator to XCode before they will release the IDE.

Then after you create a Xamarin Forms solution through Xamarin Studio, you may open the same solution on Rider via going to the same folder path where you created your XF solution.

As you can see here, the Android emulator of Rider is working well you just need to run the debugger.

I’ve tried Rider, and so far it looks good. My ReSharper coding routine is available there.  It doesn’t have an emulator for iOS yet though.

Lastly, there’s another tool that is similar to ReSharper. Its name is MFractor and it will be available in Xamarin Studio. Basically, it will give you great intellisense tool in your XAML page.

If you want to see more about MFRACTOR, you may go to this link to watch how the video demo.


You got to try MFRACTOR and see how it would really make your coding on Xamarin Studio and VS for Mac (coming soon) faster.

Hope you like these alternative tools for easy coding. Until next time.