Other Android Emulators and Mirroring Apps that Can Speed Up Your Development

How fast do you develop your Android projects?

Are you wondering if there’s still a better emulator than Genymotion?

For several months, Genymotion is been helping me see my the changes I made on my apps quicker than ever. An average of 15 seconds on every build and deploy on my phone.

This mirroring app needs an Oracle VirtualBox to run. After installing Oracle VB, install the personal edition account that you will find on Genymotion website.

We all know that Genymotion is twice as fast than the emulators that provided by Xamarin in Visual Studio. But there’s a better emulator that can speed up your Xamarin development.

Mirroring Apps

Mirroring applications are applications that connect Android to other devices.

Introducing Vysor, a downloadable Android mirroring app on your PC or Mac. It has free and paid version. The former has ads while later has no ads.

If we gonna talk about speed, it is faster than Genymotion. You just need to install the desktop version of Vysor as well as the mobile app version.

Actually, you don’t need to get the paid version because the free is already enough for you to get started working on your mobile apps.

After few weeks of using Vysor, one of my friends suggested another mirroring app named SideSync.


Let me introduce Sidesync of Samsung, that’s what I’m using right now on my Xamarin apps. Why? Because it has the same speed as Vysor, but the screen doesn’t pixelate. In short, it’s like the paid version of Vysor, but free. Free if you’re using Samsung devices.

I highly recommend Sidesync, average of 10 seconds before seeing the UI of your apps which is great for developing Android projects.

And of course, there are some mirroring apps that I wouldn’t recommend.


Mobizen, so many frictions before you can use it like logging in every time before you can use it. If you see it on Google Playstore, just avoid it.


For those who have ASUS phones before I end this blog post,  I want you to try the ASUS mirroring app.

I haven’t tried this ASUS mirroring app. Maybe it is as fast as SideSync, maybe not. The thing is for you to see which one would give the best productivity tool for you.

Try it, and let me know your feedback from using the ASUS PC Link. Okay.

See you at my next post.