My First Xamarin Blog is Good News

Are you a C# developer?

Are you familiar with Xamarin mobile development?

Here in my first post, I will give you a tip in where to extend your .Net skills.

It took me a couple of weeks trying to find some Xamarin trainers like me, but it’s worth it. After attending some events, I’ve finally met a few.

Well, guess what, they agree to give free training of intro to Xamarin before the year ends.

Yes, it’s Free training session.

What are the requirements?

  1. We assume you already know C# or dotnet
  2. You have a laptop
  3. And willing to travel to Marks Building, Aurora Ave., Cubao Q.C.

Actually,  it is near to Robinson Magnolia.

Please, don’t wear slippers and shorts. They don’t allow people who are wearing slippers and shorts to go inside.

See you at the event.