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  • Using Prism Framework in Xamarin Forms

    There are the frameworks. But there is one framework that is standing out from the others :

    FreshMvvM: Super lightweight and just includes the stuff that vanilla Xamarin.Forms leaves out
    ExRin: A larger framework for enterprise-scale apps
    MVVMCross: Very popular Framework
    MVVMLight: Popular framework
    ReactiveUI: Reactive programming is definitely something I should look into more.

    and […]

  • Prism is on Slack

    Do you sometimes get difficulties in building your Xamarin Forms using Prism framework?

    Do you want to talk to other Prism users?

    Wow! Another big thanks to Brian Lagunas! He’s making our life easier!

    Good news to Prism fans out there because you can now chat with other Prism library users whether you’re Prism WPF  developers or Xamarin Forms […]