7 Tips on how to jump start your career as a Xamarin developer

Are you a career shifter who wants to become a Xamarin developer one day?

Are you looking for guides or things to do to help you find Xamarin jobs in the future?

In this post, we will take a look at things that you need to know and do to land a job as a Xamarin developer.

Note: I’m assuming that you already know some basic stuff in C#. If not yet, please go to this channel AvetisG Programming then just come back here when you finish it.

1. Learn Xamarin on Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) under 3-month free subscriptions

To get free 3-month subscriptions of PluralSight and Lynda, first is you have to create an Outlook account. Then go to Visual Studio Dev Essentials and access your free tools, services, and training.

Activate your Lynda and Pluralsight by validating them in your email.

There are Xamarin tutorials on Pluralsight and Lynda both for beginners and intermediate. I highly recommend you to start here.

There are also Xamarin tutorials on YouTube that will help you understand what Xamarin and Xamarin Forms is.

2. Get certified by Xamarin University

I know there’s this debate whether it is worth it for a software engineer to spend time and money to get certified.  But I would definitely contend it is a great investment for your professional growth.

Here are the reasons why you should enroll at Xamarin University.

  • If you don’t have any experience or portfolio in Xamarin development
  • You have one-month free subscription by using Visual Studio Dev Essentials
  • You are currently learning the ins and outs of Xamarin
  • You can ask a bunch of questions from Xamarin University’s instructors
  • It validates your Xamarin development knowledge


3. Join Xamarin User Groups

There are communities of Xamarin developers on Facebook that is worth joining in. You will get to read questions like common problems/errors from online communities.

Xamarin user groups’ meetups are a  great way to learn latest technologies, know common Xamarin tasks in Xamarin world, as well as become friends/acquaintance with Xamarin developers around the world. There are many free Xamarin events, usually in major cities, that is sponsored by Microsoft. To see if there are Xamarin user groups in your City or State, check out Meetup.

Xamarin events like Evolve and Monkeyfest are just two known events that I recommend you to attend whenever you can. Aside from learning new and great stuff there, you will also get to meet some rockstar Xamarin developers. It is a chance to do some networking in the Xamarin industry. Create an account in Eventbrite to see future events.


4. Start Creating your first Xamarin App

From wireframing up to continuous monitoring of your first iOS app, Android app, and UWP app is one of the best experience you can have as a Xamarin developer. Your full name and your app’s name will be your proof for your employer that you know how to develop end-to-end Xamarin applications.

Things you need to remember here.

  • Include Unit Testing in your projects. This can make your resume look better.
  • Use an MVVM framework. This speeds up and guides you in your development.
  • Invest in iOS developers account, Android developer account, and Microsoft developer account so that you can upload your apps to the store.


5. Xamarin Videos, Podcast, ebooks

There are activities at your home that don’t require brain crunching or intese concentration like cleaning the house, doing the dishes, or even exercising. In these kinds of activities, you can maximize your time by listening to Gone Mobile, Merge Conflict, and Xamarin Podcast while doing some of the above-mentioned chores or tasks. You will learn great stuff here.


Watch Xamarin related topics on Channel 9 MSDN. It offers numerous insightful videos for developers. You will find intermediate to advanced Xamarin tutorials here.

Xamarin Ebooks, on the other hand, can help you kill time while queuing up, waiting for buses or trains, or anywhere you find yourself idling.

6. Create more portfolio on freelancing platform websites

I would recommend UpWork in creating additional portfolios. Why? Because there’s a lot of business owners, who are looking for Xamarin developers in that platform for small gigs. Small gigs like creating a specific feature in their existing Xamarin Forms application, removing bugs from their Xamarin projects, or even building Xamarin projects from scratch.

This is one of the best places where you can improve your experience and portfolio. One more thing, it’s better to lower your hourly rate here while building your skills so that it will be easier for you to find small gigs.


7. Start looking for jobs on LinkedIn, Indeed, or any popular employment-related search engine for job listings

Start improving your resume/cv on LinkedIn and start creating Xamarin job alerts. Pay attention to what companies are looking for by checking the requirements and job descriptions of their listings.

Submit your resume/cv to all or any posted Xamarin jobs on Indeed. If you’ve been asked for an interview, accept it so that you’ll know what HRs usually ask for from Xamarin developer applicants. Just keep in mind that most of the time that you will not get your first job interview. This is important so that you won’t get depressed if the job interviewer/HR did not hire you.


Lastly, here are some extra things that will definitely help advance your career as a Xamarin developer.

Upload your practice or test projects to GitHub. Why? This is a great way to show your potential employer how you’ve written some of your past projects or sample demos if you don’t have your laptop during your interview.


So, if you’re going to ask me if I did and currently doing all of the things that I’ve mentioned above, absolutely yes! They’ve helped me in my career as a Xamarin developer.

All-in-all, becoming a Xamarin developer is a long journey. What you need here is patience, investment of your time, and money. But in the end, I have to say that everything is worth it. Goodluck!


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