Xamarin Forms 101: 5 Public APIs for practicing REST in your Xamarin Forms

Are you looking for free public APIs that you can use in your side projects?

This is a continuation of my previous post about consuming REST API in Xamarin Forms.

Aside from the popular Open Weather Map API, an API for weather data and forecasting, there are other public APIs that you can use to create a demo app or practice your skills.

Here are 5 public APIs that I can recommend for you to try.

1.) JSON Placeholder

JSONPlaceholder is a free online REST service that you can use whenever you need some fake data. It’s great for tutorials, faking a server, sharing code examples. Try it, and send some HTTP-verb requests like GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE.

Registration: None


2.) Makeup API

Search for makeup products and filter them by brand, price, product category, tags and many more.

This API also provides a visual representation of the all of JSON data that is available as well.

Registration: None


3.) BreweryDB

BreweryDB is an accurate database of breweries, beers, beer events and guilds that you can use.

Registration: Needed



4.) Deck of Cards API

Shuffle deck of cards, draw a card, reshuffle cards, get a brand new deck, add to a pile of cards, draw from a pile of cards, and many more. This API of cards is simply awesome.

Registration: None



5.) Open Trivia DB

The Open Trivia Database provides a completely free JSON API for use in programming projects. Use of this API does not require an API Key, just generate the URL below and use it in your own application to retrieve trivia questions.

Registration: None


Wrapping up, you don’t have to create your own web service. There are free public APIs that you can use for you to get started with Xamarin Forms and REST APIs.

So you in my next blog post. Happy coding!